The Best Shirtless Celebrities of 2015… So Far

Shirtless Drake Is Your New Dream Workout Buddy
Drake shows that he's not only working on new music, but he's also working hard in the gym

Your favorite Hollywood hunks and athletes are shedding their shirts and heating things up.

June 21 may have marked the start of summer, but there have already been a ton of shirtless sightings, whether your favorite male celebrities are on-set, in the gym, or at the beach. The concept of a dadbod may have been popularized this year, but you don’t want to miss these Hollywood hotties.

Joe Manganiello, Scott Eastwood, and Drake have the potential to break the internet by sharing some Instagram photos of their (shirtless) workouts. As Justin Bieber rightfully said to Drake, “Damn Daddy.” You don’t have to try very hard to imagine them flexing their biceps and working those abs.

Zac Efron, Mario Lopez, and Tyson Beckford are proving once again that they know how to show off their bods and don’t mind ditching their shirts. Athletes like David Beckham and Tom Daley definitely have tough competition from Hollywood.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss these and other shirtless sightings in the gallery above. After all, 2015 is far from over and tropical climates mean that your favorite male celebrities don’t have to put on their sweaters for fall.