Demi Lovato Falls at ‘Cool for the Summer’ Pool Party

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Demi Lovato Wears a Daring Bikini
Boy, is she's ready for the summer!

Demi Lovatoliterally fell on her face. 

The singer definitely knows how to laugh off embarrassment. While promoting her new single, “Cool for the Summer” on Sunday (July 5, 2015) at a huge pool party, the 22-year-old slipped and fell really hard.

Her tumble sure looked like it hurt a lot, but Lovato stood up immediately and jumped into the pool before anyone could help her up.

She embraced the moment by posting a slow-motion clip of her fall on Instagram. “#NOTCoolForTheSummer #F–kit,” she captioned the cringe-worthy video.

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She also tweeted:

Make fun of yourself before anyone else can. Smart thinking, girl.