Who Is Chloe Bartoli? Meet the Woman Scott Disick Was Caught Cozying Up To

Kourtney Kardashian reportedly dumped boyfriend Scott Disick after seeing pics of him getting close with Chloe Bartoli. So, who is she? Let’s take a closer look…

Last week, we showed you pics of Disick and Bartoli acting more than just friends in the South of France. Now, we’re learning more about the lady at the center of Kardashian and Disick’s split.

1. She’s a stylist and designer. Bartoli and her twin sister, Marielou Baroli, are stylists and designers based in Los Angeles whose clients include Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Jared Leto.

@mlbartoli @mirandakerr ❤️

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Jared. Sunset. Cuba. 2015.

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The sisters also started RE/DONE, which reworks and sells vintage Levi’s jeans.

2. She’s Disick’s ex-girlfriend. Before starting a relationship with Kardashian in 2006, Disick and Bartoli were an item. Since then, Bartoli is rumored to have dated Leto.

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3. She’s 25. Bartoli just turned 25 last week, making her seven years younger than 32-year-old Disick.

Happy Birthday my twin I ❤️ you @mlbartoli

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4. She’s good friends with Bella Hadid. Looking at Bartoli’s Instagram, it’s easy to see that Bartoli and 18-year-old Hadid hang out a lot.

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5. She’s getting a lot of hate on Instagram. Look at all of these comments on Bartoli’s Instagram.

Chloe Bartoli
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During his trip to Monte Carlo, Disick was reportedly telling everyone that he was “newly single.” Will he be rekindling his relationship with Bartoli? We’ll have to wait and see…