WATCH: Ariana Grande Makes Out with New Boyfriend Ricky Alvarez in Donut Shop

Did no one ever tell Ariana Grande how germs spread? ‘Cuz…

Grande was caught on camera kissing her new boyfriend who also happens to be her backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez, while they were in a donut shop. The gross part about their PDA make out session was they’d just played a round of “truth or dare” – “dare” being to lick the powdered jelly donuts sitting on the counter.

Eek, how romantic.

According to sources at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, CA, Grande and Alvarez were there on Saturday (July 4, 2015) when they decided to play truth or dare with the donuts. As you’ll see in the video obtained by TMZ, it’s hard to see whether or not their tongues make contact with the powder, but contamination is contamination.

Sources also said their tongues were still too close to the donuts for the shops liking. The video shows Grande doing it when no one was looking; had they known, they would have tossed the contaminated donuts.

At the end of the video, Grande cavalierly says to the worker and/or Alvarez when a tray of freshly baked donuts is brought up, “What the fuck is that? I hate Americans. I hate America. That’s disgusting.”

You be the judge, and watch the video above.


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The only reason we have confirmation about the lovebirds is because the footage of their donut shop antics surfaced. Hard to celebrate their relationship when they’re pulling these kinds of immature pranks and disrespecting the workers, but anyways, we’re happy Ari has found love with a cutie on her Honeymoon tour.

let’s get to it.

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Alvarez and Grande were first linked in June after she kissed him on the lips during a performance at NYC’s Pride festival. Her and ex Big Sean broke up back in April.