Tyga Accused of Cheating on Kylie Jenner, Allegedly Sent Dick Pics to Another Woman

Kylie Jenner Poses in Tyga’s Underwear
The famous teen poses in her rumored boyfriend's boxers.
Tyga Raps About "Felony" Sex
Is Tyga rapping about having sex with Kylie Jenner?!

Is Tyga cheating on Kylie Jenner?

Rumor has it that the rapper has been unfaithful as NSFW photos allegedly of the 25-year-old have leaked online. According to B. Scott’s blog, Tyga has been cheating on Jenner, 17, with a transexual model named Mia Isabella and has been sending her nude photos of himself.

A source tells Scott that Tyga has been flirting with Isabella “for almost 3 years since she moved to LA” and that he’s been seeing her even before his relationship with the mother of his son, Blac Chyna.  

“She’s down for him has been since he was with Chyna,” the source says, adding that there’s a “possible sex tape” between Tyga and Isabella “when she was roommates with a model named Capri [Anderson].” 

The source has also leaked screenshots of alleged conversations between Tyga and Isabella, in which both had sent nudes to each other. In one undated conversation, Tyga allegedly asks Isabella to “send me something nasty.” In another text exchange, a photo allegedly of Tyga’s penis is sent to Isabella.

While the subject in these dick pics does have the same tattoos as Tyga, it’s hard to tell if the naked photos are truly of the “Rack City” emcee as the person’s face was never included in the shot.

The dates on these alleged conversations between Tyga and Isabella have also not been included, so it’s near impossible to tell whether the nudes were sent before or during the rapper’s relationship with Jenner.

Tyga, Isabella, and Jenner have yet to respond to the rumors.

All in all, this has not been a good week for the Kardashians romantically.