Taylor Swift Donates $50K to Young Girl Battling Cancer

Taylor Swift just donated $50K to a young fan who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. 


Naomi Oakes loves Swift, and was really looking forward to going to her concert in Phoenix, Arizona on August 18. Unfortunately, 11-year-old Oakes received the diagnosis and found out she would have to be in the hospital for six to nine months, which meant she would have to miss Swift’s concert.

After receiving the news, Oakes’ dad made a YouTube video, letting everyone know about his daughter’s diagnosis. The video even revealed that “Bad Blood” is Oakes’ fight song during this difficult time.

When Swift heard about her young fan’s story, she decided to make a $50K donation to her GoFundMe page.

Along with the donation, Swift sent a message to the 11-year-old. She wrote, “To the beautiful and brave Naomi, I’m sorry you have to miss it, but there will always be more concerts. Let’s focus on getting you feeling better. I’m sending the biggest hugs to you and your family.”

Watch Oakes’ reaction to Swift’s donation and message in the video below:

So sweet! Way to go, TSwift!

This isn’t the first time Swift has donated money to someone in need. Just last month, Swift donated $15K to help a family pay for their medical bills after getting into a horrible car accident.

Taylor Swift = AMAZING!

To make a donation to Oakes, visit her GoFundMe page HERE.

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