Celebrity Bridesmaids Walk Down the Aisle…and Try Not to Steal the Bride’s Spotlight!

Rachel McAdams Tears Up as a Bridesmaid at Sister Kayleen’s Wedding
Rachel McAdams, the leading lady in everyone’s favorite romance movies, witnessed a real life love story this weekend

Even though we love to see a star-studded wedding, we’re taking a look at our favorite actresses, singers, and models as they celebrate a family member or friend’s nuptials. 

Although it may not be their special day, these bridesmaids are still stunning. The brides who selected these dresses were certainly not taking a cue from the horrible chiffon creations in 27 Dresses.

Celebrity bridesmaids have not shied away from donning wedding white. Supermodel Cara Delevingne looked beautiful in a custom white Chanel gown, just like her socialite sister Poppy DelevingneBeyoncé and Solange rocked different white ensembles as a part of their mom’s bridal party, reflecting their varying styles. Of course, you can’t forget the Kardashian sisters’ elegant off-white YolanCris creations that Kanye West obtained for Kim’s bridal party in a last-minute change.

For some engaged celebrities, bridesmaid duties may help them gain some bridal inspiration. This month, actress Sofia Vergara took on the role of bridesmaid at a close friend’s wedding as she plans her upcoming nuptials to Joe Manganiello. Last summer, The Hills star and fashion designer Lauren Conrad served as a bridesmaid just a few months before her wedding.

Check out these and other celebrity bridesmaids in the above gallery!