So What Does Tinashe Think About Kylie Jenner Copying Her Music Style?

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Tinashe believes in the idea that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

New Album?
Kylie Jenner is reported working with Tyga on a new album.

The 22-year-old R&B singer – who is also the newest face for RL Ralph Lauren alongside Cody Simpson – addressed Kylie Jenner‘s comment about making “Tinashe-type music” (reported by Us Weekly) in the future.

Tinashe told Yahoo! Style, “Anytime someone loves your music, and wants to create their own thing because of it, that’s very flattering.”

However, the singer also notes that she hopes Jenner sticks to doing her own thing. “I don’t think she’ll necessarily be able to sound like me. She can try, but why would she? People like her so much because she’s herself.”

Tinashe has since a huge boost in her career this year after collaborating with musicians like Nick Jonas and Calvin Harris. But she says touring with Justin Bieber was what changed it all for it.

“When I was on tour [with Bieber], it was more people than I’d ever performed in front of in my entire life,” she explains. “To be in front of crowd that huge, you had to feel their energy… It was the biggest rush I’ve ever felt. And when Bieber came onstage, it was madness. Watching his fame was motivating for me. I want to have a big influence on the music industry.”

It’s safe to say she’s getting there! Heck, the New York Times even compared her to Beyoncé!