Instant Follow Friday: America Hater Ariana Grande, and Her Honest ‘Donut Fiasco’ Apology

In light of Ariana Grande’s genuine second apology for #DonutGate via a Youtube video, we’re honoring her as this week’s social media Queen, and the person to follow on Instagram and Twitter.

In a candid 4-minute video, Grande expressed to fans that she’s embarrassed, disappointed, and disgusted by herself after watching the video that surfaced of her acting poorly and immature while in a donut shop.

She explained, “I just want to make a video to apologize again for the whole doughnut fiasco and craziness because I feel like the apology I posted, I kind of missed my opportunity to actually sincerely apologize and express how I was feeling because I was too busy preaching about my feelings with the food industry, which is not relative. I feel I could have expressed myself in a different way.”

Has her self-proclaimed “doughnut fiasco” damaged her image? Or is there now a mere scratch, a slight tarnish on her previously immaculately-polished silver surface that will haunt her for years to come, years she’ll undoubtedly be spending striving to get her song a #1 spot, a feat she’s yet to accomplish? When it comes to the modern-day pop star, it’s hard to keep perspective on what’s important (like Katy Perry being the highest-paid non-athlete celebrity in the world) and what’s complete and utter gossip-monger (like Taylor Swiftt’s 1083473894 BFF’s).

So let’s break it down: She’s a 22-year-old girl. She goes into a donut shop with the guy she’s (maybe) hooking up with. Things get a little goofy and they dare each other to lick the innocent powdered donuts sitting on the counter, which is very amateur, very high school-type stuff (like 16-year-olds, 22-year-olds act giddy too when they’re with someone they’re crushing on). And so, as a result, some donuts get a teensy bit contaminated by her tongue, the police start have started an investigation, and Wolfee Donuts’ A health grade to a B.

Unbeknownst to her, the stores security cameras caught it all on tape. TMZ disseminated it, and Grande commenced damage control with a half-apology statement, half PSA on child obesity because she’s, you know, more of “an advocate for healthy eating” than she is anti-contamination.

And like a kid hungry for chocolate, the media just ate it up. Jezebal’s headline read: “Ariana Grande Actually Loves America, Still Hates Donuts.” The LA Times’ headline read: “Ariana Grande is really, really sorry that Americans freely eat poison.” Vultures’ headline: “Ariana Grande Blames #Donutgate on America’s Obesity Crisis.” Forbes’ headline: “Sorry, Ariana Grande, That’s Not How You Make An Effective Apology.” And CBS News’: “Ariana Grande tries to explain ‘I hate America’ comment.” Our own headline at Celebuzz read: “Ariana Grande Turns Apology for Licking a Donut into a PSA About Child Obesity.”

It’s easy to make fun of a poor girl when she so obviously flubs her own apology statement, especially when the incident in question involves words like “licking” and “donut.” The opportunities are too easy and good to pass up.

That all in mind, to say that Grande would have one less problem without #DonutGate is an understatement. Up until video footage surfaced of her licking a powdered donut, saying she hates “America” and “Americans,” and swapping spit with her new beau and backup dancer, Grande’s image was relatively clean despite inconsequentially being stereotyped as a 5′ tall diva with major pipes and a penchant for cat ears, who, by the way, at one point needed to be carried around everywhere like a baby (yet another golden opportunity for some amazing headlines like, “Ariana Grande Reportedly Demands to Be Carried Around Like a Baby“).

She’s also a feminist in her own right (Taylor Swift doesn’t have all the capital on that term), declaring last month in a hearty manifesto:

being “empowered”…is not the same thing as being a “bitch”…what I meant when I said what I said about not being Sean’s ex is that I am tired of living in a world where woman are mostly referred to as a man’s past, present or future PROPERTY / POSSESSION…

Does she have good intentions? Hell yes.

As a former Nickelodeon television star, Grande could survive being a sassy, outspoken diva in the likeness of Mariah Carey because she was a cute, young, liberal and had a ponytail that never stops (she’s yet to transition out of her high pony phase). She drinks grande soy lattes from Starbucks (obviously), uses Snapchat to keep her fans in the loop, has Instagram photos turned 90 or 180 degrees to the left or right just for the hell of it, and diligently Instagram’s ‘happy birthday’ posts in honor of her friends.

As soon as Grande’s more vulnerable, personal, messy side was exposed by video footage taken unbeknownst to her, and released to her embarrassment (without her consent, ‘cuz that’s the nature of the media game), Grande’s public personality developed an entire new dimension to it. The best part is, it’s 100% relatable. ‘Stars, they’re really just like us!‘ Ariana convincingly proves, wayyy more than so many other pop stars. The only problem is, we never get to see that side, and probably will never really get to know her intimately.

Like Solange ass-kicking Jay Z during #ElevatorGate as sis Beyoncé just stood there and watched, Grande’s #DonutGate is the product of leaked security footage that no one ever expects will see the light of day. Like with Iggy Azalea’s fall from fame as a result of her own hand (Twitter namely), Grande’s entire image has been put on trial by social media’s judges, pinpointing  her unlikeable behavior during that moment of sheer stupidity.

The world Grande lives in (Hollywood) is an alternate reality where public images are prescribed by PR stunts, statements are vetted, and everything is based upon the expected, from the pony tail to the Tweet. But it’s how celebrities handle the unexpected in which we get to see their real side – and so Grande’s polite admission to her ugly behavior during the “donut fiasco” is special.

She is confronting the world when her head is on a stake for something involving “donuts” and “licking.” Her apology is sincere, and frankly, that which she is apologizing for is so silly – yeah, she goofed up huge with the donuts, and said she hates Americans and America. But come on, did anyone take any anti-Americanism to heart?

Perhaps not 100%. But in this day and age, sometimes click-bait can be the most damaging thing to a celebrity’s reputation, even if it’s only for a week. And when it’s Journalism 101 to “show, not tell,” Grande’s embarrassing caught-on-camera moment was really unfortunate.

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