Harry Styles Had the Cutest Onstage Fall in San Diego

Note to self: Harry Styles is accident prone in the most adorable fashion.

Styles took a major onstage spill last night in San Diego at One Direction’s first American concert since Zayn Malik departed the band.

Walking, er, marching with his microphone stem and pumping his fist up and down, Styles misjudged how long the cord was and was catapulted down to the floor. His “oh, shit,” face says it all:

He laughed off the incident while on the ground, as did bandmate Liam Payne who stopped singing for a moment to laugh.

When it comes to onstage falls, Iggy Azalea’s pre-VMA’s performance always comes to mind as one of the best. But Styles’ aloof trip downwards might come as a close second, if not taking the cake from Azalea.

Iggy Azalea, falling, falls

Horan tweeted after the show,