Jasmine V on Staying True to Herself and Why She’s Rooting for Caitlyn Jenner

Jasmine V is everything a woman should encompass.

'Breathe Your Love'
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Not only is she confident and empowering, but she truly knows herself, what she loves and who she aims to be.

CELEBUZZ had the chance to sit down with Jasmine during her first photo shoot as one of the newest ambassadors for wet n wild cosmetics, and despite all the hustle and bustle going on around her, she managed to emit this sense of total peacefulness.

And that wasn’t just us catching her on a good day – that’s just her.

“One thing I tell myself every day is that I love myself,” she says about keeping her head above water in this tough industry. “It took me a long time to actually be comfortable with myself because I’m a girl – we’re females, we’re girls, and we’re very emotional at times. I had to go through all of that, and I feel like since I got to this place in my life and I’m happy and I’m comfortable, I don’t ever want somebody to take that from me. So as long as I’m okay and I love myself and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing, then it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks.”

Jasmine has been working in the music industry since she was 11 years old and thus very aware of the pressures that can come with it. However, she feels certain they’ll never change her.

“It’s really hard for a lot of people not to get influenced by certain things because you have so many people in your ear telling you what you need to do or what you should be doing or what works out there. It’s kind of hard to stay true to yourself, but I feel like if you keep a really strong family base and you keep your friends with you and you just keep your faith in God, you’ll be okay.”

She also seeks guidance from her inspirations in the music industry, like Alicia Keys. “My dad showed me her videos on YouTube when I was younger. So we were doing the [Wet ‘n Wild] photo shoot, and they had the Alicia Keys station on and I was singing all the songs. That’s one of my idols when it comes to music.”

But if she could collaborate with anyone right now, it would be Nick Jonas: “He’s really really talented and I love all the music he’s putting out lately.”

When it comes to her sense of style – which she admits goes back and forth between being a tom-boy and dressing up – she looks to her icons: Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna.

“J. Lo has that glow no matter where she goes, no matter what she’s doing,” Jasmine explains, admitting her absolute must-have product is wet n wild’s Color Icon Collection Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil. “And then you have Rihanna who is very daring with the makeup and that’s what I like to do. I like to experiment. I think wet n wild is perfect for that because they have every color of lipstick you can imagine and I love that.” (Her favorite is Mega Last Stoplight Red, FYI).

She also couldn’t help but gush about one more of her celebrity idols: Caitlyn Jenner.

Referring to her recently released Vanity Fair cover, Jasmine says:

“I thought she look fabulous. I think what a lot of people don’t understand is that you stick to the status quo of what you think a male should look like or what you think a female should look like, but you’re not really thinking about the person and what they have to live every day. If you’re not living what you want to do every day and you’re not being who you want to be, it’s torturing. So I think it’s amazing Caitlyn finally came out and changed her look. I think more people should do that because you never want to be in the wrong body. You want to be able to look fabulous, and she does! I think people are just mad because she looks really good.”

We couldn’t agree more.