WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Badass Bitch’

Jennifer Lawrence thinks Taylor Swift is a “badass bitch.”

It sounds like Lawrence might be the newest member of Swift’s squad, because she had nothing but kind things to say about her during an interview she just gave at Comic-Con.

In the video below, Lawrence talks about her upcoming movies The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, and Passengers, for which she’s earning $8 million more than her male co-star, Chris Pratt.

EXTRA compliments Lawrence on “winning the gender wage gap fight” and then tells Lawrence “Between you and Taylor Swift, I feel like you young ladies are changing the game in so many ways.”

Lawrence responds, “Taylor Swift is a badass. That letter she wrote about Apple? I texted her and was like, ‘You is a badass bitch.’ She’s awesome.”

It sounds like Swift’s letter to Apple, in which she talked about the importance of paying artists and writers, really made an impression on Lawrence. Imagine what Lawrence and Swift could accomplish if they joined forces!

JLaw and TSwift taking over the world! #GirlPower

Learn more about Swift’s Apple takedown in this video: