‘The Walking Dead’ Debuts Insane Season 6 Trailer at Comic-Con, Premiere Set for October 11

AMC has debuted The Walking Dead season 6 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.

Season 6 will premiere on Sunday, October 11 with a 90-minute episode that will feature more than 650 walkers, which is a series record.

Rick Grimes is picking up right where he left off in Season 5, trying to take control of Alexandria and kicking anyone’s butt who gets in the way. It seems that with season Rick is going head-to-head with Morgan, who thinks he can “stop” Rick. Haven’t you been watching the show Morgan? No one can stop Rick.

During the Comic-Con presentation, producers announced that Nurse Jackie Emmy winner Merritt Wever will play a character from the comic, as Ethan Embry (who is featured in the trailer) is also joining the cast.

The show’s companion/prequel series Fear the Walking Dead will premiere later this summer.

Watch the season six trailer for The Walking Dead above.