Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Emerge Post-Split Still Wearing Wedding Rings

Ben Affleck did not disappoint Batman fans at Comic-Con 2015 despite his recent separation from Jennifer Garner.

Affleck made his first public appearance on Saturday, July 11 to participate in a panel for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He sat alongside co-stars Amy Adams, Henry Cavilland Jesse Eisenberg to debut the trailer for their upcoming film.

Affleck expressed his apprehension about taking on the iconic superhero role given the notable actors who had portrayed Batman in the past.

He confessed,

If I thought too hard about the actors who played the part before, I couldn’t take the job. George Clooney did great, Christian Bale … I talked to Zack [Snyder, director] and I was like are you sure?”

The actor was notably still wearing his wedding ring almost two weeks after divorce news from his wife of ten years was released.

Apparently Affleck had a superhero run-in when he encountered Bale in a Halloween shop when they were both buying Batman costumes for their sons.

“I turned around, it’s Christian Bale who’s the sweetest guy ever and there he and I are standing in the Batman [aisle]. I said look man you’re the best, what do you think? [He said] ‘Make sure you could piss in that suit.'”

Comic-Con International 2015 - Warner Bros. Presentation

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Garner was spotted running errands in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, also still wearing her wedding ring.

Us Weekly alleges that the couple’s divorce comes after a history of Affleck’s incessant partying. Sources close to the couple say that he is still struggling with heartbreak.

“This is just as hard on him and difficult for him. Any divorce is tough on everyone. He is leaning on his mom and close friends.”

Watch the newly released trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below and check out the photos of Jennifer Garner wearing her wedding ring above!