Susan Sarandon in Solidarity with Doughnut-Licker Ariana Grande Leads the Week in Celebrity Tweets

Ariana Grande has had a really tough week ever since she contaminated doughnuts with her tongue, said she hates America, gave a half-baked apology, then re-apologized for her apology and the “doughnut fiasco”…but not everyone is hating on the pop star.

Susan Sarandon tweeted her support for the pop diva, riffing off the doughnut licking and telling everyone to “lick a doughnut in solidarity,” calling her a “sweet, talented, true American,” and suggesting people focus their energy elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Courtney Love made a good point on the double standard between pop stars and rock stars:

Rob Lowe had other thoughts about Grande, however…

Denny’s couldn’t help but take part in the fun too:

Here’s what else happened on Twitter this week.