Channing Tatum’s Comic-Con Selfie Leads This Weekend’s Hottest Star Sightings

Superheroes like Channing Tatum and Chris Hardwick obviously have the strongest selfie game.

The casts of X-Men: Apocalypse, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four closed out Fox’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday night with the most incredible superhero selfie in the comprehensive history of superhero selfies.

I mean this HAS to be some kind of damn record. Most superheroes on one selfie? Casts of Wolverine, X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four PLUS the Generalissimo!!!”

So, who joined Tatum in this photo-op, you ask? No one special — just Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Munn, Nicholas Hoult, and Evan Peters to name a handful of the 14 aspiring actors who gathered on stage.

The addition of comic book legend Stan Lee in the front left corner turns the heat up on this selfie’s awesome sauce. Lee accurately exclaimed after the photo was snapped, “Now THAT’s the way to end a panel!”

These superheroes were not the only ones taking self-reflexive shots at this weekend’s Comic-Con. Conan O’Brien, Michael Fassbenderand Robin Taylor all stopped to put fans’ front-facing cameras to good use upon entering cool nerd prom.

Launch the gallery above to check out their selfies, Kelly Ripa going in a hot dog, Selena Gomez’s mom in a crop top and other celebrity snaps from the weekend!