Khloe Kardashian Dishes the Secrets of Her Weight Loss Success

After going through some weight struggles last year, Khloé Kardashian’s body is seriously on point. So of course we need to know: how the heck is she doing it?

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Khloé Kardashianposted a photo with James Harden.

In an interview Monday with Australia’s Nova 96.9, the 31-year-old reality star dishes the secrets to her weight loss success.

“I think all diets are kind of weird. The word ‘die’ is in it,” Khloé said. “I believe in lifestyle changes, and when you think of something long term, you do it better. If I know I just have to eat this way for a week, how does that help you for the long term? It doesn’t.”

Instead, KoKo focuses on small steps to make those big picture dreams come true.

“I’ve made major cutbacks. I used to love soda. So I’ve cut out soda completely and I’ll drink iced tea or water for what I drink throughout my day. I just made that like a lifestyle change,” she revealed. “I’ll do like one thing, like, a month. I’ll just cut something off little by little, and then it just becomes like a part of your life. You don’t even think about it.”

Something else that’s totally helped transform her body is hitting the gym with her trainer Gunnar Peterson (who we always see on her Instagram).

“Gunnar is, like, really proud and sweet and positive in that way, and also he comes from a place of ‘yesm'” Khloé explains. “So if I’m like, ‘I want Beyoncé‘s booty,’ he’ll say, ‘Okay, we’re gonna do that.’ He’s not like, ‘Well, you can’t because you’re a foot taller than her.’ He just is very positive.”