‘The Bachelorette’ Final Two: Pros and Cons of Nick and Shawn Before Proposals

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As The Bachelorette’s leading lady Kaitlyn Bristowe prepares for the possibility of proposals from Shawn Booth and Nick Viall, we ask: who is the right guy for Kaitlyn?

Although it has been a dramatic season filled with emotional outbursts, brokeback bachelors, and more than a few classic reality show villains (Ian, JJ, and some say Nick), the final two isn’t a surprise for most fans who saw her connection with both men grow.

Nick’s Pros

Nick was a runner-up on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, so he knows how quickly the show, and therefore emotions, must progress. He also knew how to get Kaitlyn’s attention on group dates and appeal to her sense of humor, like his mariachi serenade on a balcony in Spain.

Nick wasn’t bothered by the fact that the other men were irritated by his late arrival and questioned his intentions. Instead, he focused on his relationship with Kaitlyn.

Prior to the show, Kaitlyn and Nick connected on social media and began texting. The two seemed to have an immediate connection, which showed that their interaction was significant.

When discussing her feelings for Ben, Shawn, and Nick, Kaitlyn said Nick “kind of has it all.”

Their physical connection is undeniable and the two are always affectionate. Kaitlyn was open about having sex with Nick prior to the fantasy suite dates.

Nick’s Cons

After having sex with Nick, Kaitlyn was fearful that he would tell the other guys. Ideally, she would trust him to keep intimate details of their relationship to himself, but maybe she can’t move past his public revelation about his time with Andi in the fantasy suite.

Chris Bukowski from The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad admitted that his impromptu arrival during Andi’s season was staged by producers for added drama. Perhaps Nick’s was too? This idea coincides with doubters who say that Nick is merely looking to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

Shawn’s Pros

Kaitlyn said of her relationship with Shawn, “It’s intense, but it’s also fun.”

Earlier in the season while in San Antonio, Shawn revealed that Kaitlyn said he was “the one” when the two had a conversation off-camera. Some previous bachelorettes have said that they knew who they were going to pick prior to the final two, so maybe Kaitlyn did too.

In her weekly People blog, Kaitlyn described how she felt telling Shawn that she had sex with Nick. “In that moment I knew Shawn was the kind of man that would work to get through anything with me and not give up on love.”

Shawn’s good looks and abs have led to Ryan Gosling comparisons. Kaitlyn must be happy with what she sees!

Shawn’s Cons

Kaitlyn told Chris Harrison that her biggest concern with Shawn is jealousy. The nature of the show can lead to insecurities, but if Kaitlyn chooses Shawn, will his jealousy carry over into a relationship? Shawn may be too intense for Kaitlyn, who values humor in everyday life and relationships.

Shawn, who some say was initially the clear frontrunner, was most irritated by Nick’s arrival. There’s a possibility that his need for reassurance and fixation on Nick could’ve halted the progression of his relationship with Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn’s final choice, which perhaps takes a few of these pros and cons into consideration, will be revealed during the finale on July 27 at 8 p.m. EST.