Brody Jenner Reveals the Truth About Him and Lauren Conrad

We can almost hear The Hills fans’ hearts breaking all over the world…

Alternate Ending
Lauren Conrad is back in the alternate ending of 'The Hills.'

While most of us have always considered Brody Jenner to be one of Lauren Conrad’s true loves, in a new interview with Yahoo! Style he admits they never even got close to being romantic.

“A lot of that show was scripted,” he explains. “We didn’t have an actual script. I would say [it’s] improv. They gave us a situation, and Lauren’s a dear friend of mine, and it was pretty funny trying to live that reality of, you know, you read the magazines and they’re like, ‘Brody and Lauren!’ and we were just friends. Literally, we would film a scene of us kissing and being in this lovey-dovey scene, and then right after it’d be like, ‘Cut!’ and we’d be like, ‘OK, good to see you,’ and go our separate ways.”

In the years after the show, Jenner says the hardest thing was trying to rid himself of the player reputation the show forced upon him.

“I didn’t screw every single girl on the show,” he laughs. “I didn’t have sex with Jen Bunney. I didn’t hook up with Audrina [Patridge]. I didn’t hook up with any of those girls, and then you get all these people saying, ‘Oh he’s a man-whore, he sleeps with all these girls,’ when in actuality I didn’t do that.”

And Jenner isn’t the only one who’s outed the show and tried to move on. Kristin Cavallari has come forward many times to talk about how fake it was and revamp her own reputation. Not to mention, the show itself alluded to being fake when it panned to reveal a Hollywood set during the 2010 series finale.

Now this has us wondering… How much of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is made up?! *GASP!*