Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Gets $600 for Losing Her Two Front Teeth

Farrah Abraham’s six-year-old just made more in a day than an average fast food worker does in a week.

The “Tooth Fairy” — a.k.a. Abraham — recently gave her daughter Sophia $600 simply for losing her two front teeth. Naturally, the Teen Mom OG star also had to show off her daughter’s big payday, tweeting out a photo of little Sophia flashing her new smile amongst her new swag.

In the shot, six crisp $100 dollar bills is seen carefully fanned out on a table filled with new and unopened packages of jewelry.

Abraham, who is now an erotic novelist and sex toy model on top of her gig as a reality star, added on Twitter:

Hey, when the “Tooth Fairy” is getting paid $500,000 for a strip club gig, she can afford to splurge a little.