Nick Jonas Recalls The First Time He Met a Gay Person

Nick Jonas Has Us in Chains
Crazy hot Nick Jonas is being crazy hot again...

Singer/actor Nick Jonas attended LA’s Outfest on Sunday night (Jul. 13, 2015) to help promote the second season of his hit show Kingdom.

Jonas plays martial arts fighter Nate Kulina, and viewers found out at the end of season one that Nate is struggling with being gay.

During the panel discussion, Jonas recalled when he first realized someone way gay. At the age of eight, Jonas became aware that a member of the team working the Jonas Brothers from behind-the-scenes was dating another man.

Jonas’ father, who is a Protestant minister, was present as well, and offered his son some great advice.

He said, “One of my friends who was one of the guys in the show — his name was Mark — was leaving the theater one day and I saw him leave with his partner. I looked at my dad and said, ‘Oh, that’s different,’ and he was like, ‘It’s all love, it’s all the same,’ and it just connected with me immediately.’”

Watch the video from the panel discussion below.