WATCH: Jimmy Fallon’s Finger Was Saved By a Doctor Wearing Cowboy Boots

Jimmy Fallons hand escaped amputation when Howdie Doody met Doogie Howser.

The Tonight Show host returned to his late night post two weeks after an alarming injury that caused his left hand to look like this:

Fallon allegedly fell in his New York apartment and his wedding ring caught on the edge of the table nearly ripping his finger off. He was re-directed into emergency surgery immediately upon checking into the hospital.

The SNL alum reassured his fans that, indeed, all was well after he recovered from going under the knife.

Fallon spared no gory detail in Monday’s explanation of his accident, confessing that his finger looked like a cheap horror movie prop after suffering a ring avulsion, a sudden pull on the ring finger that results in a minor tear to complete tissue amputation. With one look at his hand, the hospital’s doctors told him that he needed to seek the medical attention of a specialist that could save his mangled digit.

This man would be David T. W. Chiu, M.D of New York’s Bellevue Hospital who wore a bowtie and cowboy boots.


Though the odds were not his favor, Chiu saved Fallon’s finger in an intense six-hour microsurgery by rejuvenating it with a vein from his foot.

Thank you, Dr. Chiu, for The Tonight Show would not be the same if poor Jimmy had to go on living like this:


Watch Jimmy Fallon explain his great fall in the video featured above!