How to Dress Like a Celebrity For: a First Date

Sparks are flying and love is in the air this summer, which is why you need to be totally prepared with some outfit ideas for any potential first date!

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Though we hope the guy that takes you out focuses on your personality, it’s inevitable that his immediate impression of you on a first date is going to be how you look. Thus, you want to make sure you give off the right vibe that shows who you are without showing too much of who you are underneath (catch my drift?).

Marshalls has enlisted celebrity stylist Estee Stanley — who’s worked with Jessica Biel and Lea Michele — to help women build confidence by looking and feeling their best. Estee stopped by the CELEBUZZ offices and gave us inspiration for picking out the perfect first date look. Check it out:


Dress: Marshalls, $49.99; Shoes: Marshalls, $19.99; Purse: Marshalls, $104.

Here are a few of Estee’s tips she gives her celebrity clients when styling them for a date night:

  • It’s important to look comfortable and feel confident. You don’t want to be struggling in your outfit and fidgeting with the look throughout the entire date!
  • Choose an ensemble that gives the right impression: flirty and sexy, but doesn’t say “I’m here to you-kn0w-what.”
  • Still be your fashionable, fun self. In this look, the dress is classic but the shoes and the bag add a touch of edge.
  • Don’t try too hard! Just be you.

And if you need to go shopping before your big night, make sure to stop by Marshalls for designer, high-quality items that won’t break the bank!