Kendall Jenner Addresses Reckless Driving Snapchat Video

Turns out Kendall Jenner might not be such a terrible driver after all…

Reckless Driving
Is Kendall driving with no hands and her leg out the window?

A day after Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat video of (what appeared to be) Kendall driving around, dancing with her leg out the window and no hands on the steering wheel caused some major backlash, the 19-year-old model decided she need to clarify the situation.

She sent out the following tweet:

Now that we look back on the video, Kendall’s got a point. How in the world could she be driving while doing all of that at the same time? At first we thought maybe she was just at a stoplight, but the car is definitely moving.

So that only leaves one other option: Kylie was driving?! That seems worse – especially since we know about her horrible driving record.

Let’s just hope that they were being chauffeured around by a personal driver. But in any case it’s important to remind everyone: it is NOT okay to Snapchat, text, Vine, Instagram or anything else while driving. BE SAFE!