Apparently, This Is What Britney Spears Has on Her Grocery List

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Go big or go back to the dog house.

Contrary to popular belief, Cheetos and Starbucks aren’t the only things that are keeping Britney Spears alive these days.

An eBay user has sold a collection of grocery lists allegedly written by the singer for $59.99. The six crumpled notes with mysterious stains on them are said to have come “from a well-respected music memorabilia company and are 100% genuine.”

Though the word’s still out if these notes are truly written by the Princess of Pop, the handwriting does look similar to the one found on fan letters from Spears.


Regardless of who’s the mystery shopper, one thing is for sure: this person eats child going food-shopping for the very first time. Aside from hilariously listing Cinnamon Toast Crunch as “cinamin toast crunch,” the person also notes to pick up snack foods like double-stuffed Oreos, baby pizzas, Captain Crunch cereal, Capri Sun juice pouches, and an “assortment of cookies.” (Hey, at least they’re also buying “fat-free ice cream” and “fat-free bacon” to balance things out.)

More so-called high-end items on the lists include two pounds of ham from the deli counter, Silk vanilla soy milk, eggs, risotto, and tomatoes — “big ones.”



In 2013, it was reported that a large portion of Spears’ multi-million dollar expenses came from purchases at establishments such as Subway, Wetzel’s Pretzels, Domino’s, IHOP, 7-11, El Pollo Loco, McDonalds, In-N-Out, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, and Romano’s Macaroni Grill. She also spent $63.74 at a 99 Cents Plus and $11.92 at the Pay 99 Cents Or Less store.

It looks like she’s just a slave 4 bargains.