Future Slams Ciara for Allowing Russell Wilson to Be Around Their Son

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Though insists that he’s totally over Ciara and that he wants her to be happy, Future keeps doing interviews that solely seem to shame his ex-fiancée.

The rapper, who previously denied rumors that he had cheated and claimed he felt “embarrassed” for Ciara when they broke up, is putting the “I Bet” songstress on blast after her new boyfriend was photographed pushing their son in a stroller.

While recently appearing on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Future slammed Ciara for allowing Russell Wilson, whom she’s been dating for a few months, to be around Future Jr.

“Of course I wouldn’t want anyone to push my son. That’s like the number one rule,” he said. “If I was a kid, and my mom had a dude pushing me, I would’ve jumped out the stroller and slapped the shit out of him.”

Despite telling the radio DJ that he’s not “bitter” that Ciara has “moved on” in the same interview, Future went on criticize his ex, saying, “You never do that in our community. You don’t even bring a man around your son. You only know this dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid? Who does that? Nobody does that.”

Previously, Ciara sent out several sub-tweets shading her former boyfriend. After hearing that Future has been telling people that he was the one who dumped her, the singer wrote on her Twitter:

Ciara, 29, broke off her engagement with Future, 31, last August after allegedly discovering his affair with stylist Tyrina Lee.