WATCH: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Made a Music Video About Loving Sexy Moms

JGL as Snowden
As in Edward Snowden.

He just wants to give them chromosomes a happy home…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt professes the above — and so much more — in his new music video with the Gregory Brothers, aptly titled “Sexy Motha.”

The new ode to mothers around the world is a product of JGL’s collaborative production company hitRECord, according to the video’s YouTube description.

Some choice lyrics from “Sexy Motha” include:

“Oh I want a girl with a big fat vocabulary.”

“Girl, I know you can take care of your offspring.”

“Someday you could be a grandma / that’s twice as hot.”

The three and a half minute spectacle ends with the boys singing their hearts out to moms at a PTA meeting, automatically making PTA meetings cool for the first time.

Good work, everyone.

Watch “Sexy Motha,” above.

JGL can next be seen in Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk (Sept. 30), based on French high-wire artist Philippe Petit’s walk between the Twin Towers in NYC in 1974.

[h/t Mashable]