Rachel McAdams Talks ‘Awe-Inspiring’ Jake Gyllenhaal

Though they continue to deny it, we can’t help but day dream about Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams as a couple.

Couple Alert?
That time Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams had dinner together.

Not only are they both gorgeous, but they’re also incredibly talented. In fact, McAdams can’t stop herself from gushing about her Southpaw co-star.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Style, the 36-year-old actress admits she’s totally awe-inspired by Gyllenhaal.

When asked about his incredible physical transformation, she responds:

“I really wasn’t surprised just based on what kind of an actor he is and the work we’ve seen from him before. But when I first signed onto the project, it was when Jake was first starting to box. I went and met him and our director, Antoine [Fuqua], at the gym where Jake was training and he had a big bushy beard and a ponytail… Then, when I first showed up on set [weeks later] on day one, he was in the middle of shooting that first fight in the stadium… I was so unprepared and it was just amazing to walk from the back of that stadium towards and get closer and closer to that ring and see him emerge and see up close just what he had done – not just the physical transformation but even his emotional shift was so palpable. He had become this person on a cellular level. So really extraordinary. Very awe-inspiring.”

In order to get to know Gyllenhaal in character and dive deeper into their roles as husband and wife together, McAdams even hopped in the ring a couple times with him.

“I did get to do boxing to prep, which was amazing,” she explains. “It was such a great workout. [Jake and I] never boxed each other – I think that would have been against the insurance rules! But I watched him box a lot, which I felt like Maureen [McAdams’ character] would have done, especially in their earlier days.”

She continued, “Then I’d get in the ring. I could go about three rounds and then I was like, ‘OK. I’m good.’ I mean three minutes doesn’t sound like a long time but it feels like forever! … I kind of fell in love with the sport… as a form of exercise. I actually carried it over into True Detective. I thought it would be a good mode of exercise for that character too.”

Speaking of the HBO series, McAdams had just come off her role in Southpaw as Maureen when she began filming for True Detective – two very different characters, which she says was actually quite nice.

“It took me like two and a half hours to get ready as Maureen every day and then every weekend it was a spray tan and getting the nails done and the hair extensions, all that sort of stuff,” she revealed. “It was definitely refreshing to just kind of roll out of bed [for True Detective]. We used my own bed head every morning! It was nice to not wear very much makeup and it certainly allowed me to sleep in later!”