WATCH: Bill Hader and Jimmy Fallon’s Point Pleasant Police Department Sketch Will Fully Gross You Out

You know those people who chew with their mouth open, or spit when they talk/say words starting with the letter “p”? Yeah…well, they’re nowhere near as bad as Jimmy Fallon and Bill Hader’s gross (but hilarious) eating while speaking habits.

For #TBT yesterday, Fallon proposed they watch a “clip” from his and Hader’s old television show about two detectives – “Point Pleasant Police Department”.

To our dismay, the SNL alums’ arguments are messy; they spit various food items (crackers, chocolate pudding, yogurt) and spray various liquids (Perrier, Pepsi). Watching their sloppy fight is an experience in itself. Neither Hader nor Fallon can seem to contain themselves in the midst of their gross food splatter and remnants.

Watch the video above!

Bill Hader’s latest film Trainwreck opens in theaters today.