Man Found Dead in Demi Moore’s Swimming Pool

A dead body was discovered at the bottom of Demi Moore’s pool on Sunday morning (July 19, 2015).

According to TMZ, the body belonged to a 21-year-old man who appears to have drowned in the swimming pool at her Beverly Hills home on Oak Pass Road.

Sources say the man allegedly didn’t know how to swim and accidentally slipped into the pool. So far, it also seems no foul play was involved.

While it is unclear who threw the party, a neighbor told TMZ that the family has been hosting numerous “parties every day, day and night.” However, police authorities insist none of Moore’s family were present when the body was discovered.

By the looks of their social media, Tallulah Willis is in the Big Apple this weekend with sister Scout to celebrate her 24th birthday and Rumer Willis is New York for work.

Police are still investigating.

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