Caitlyn Jenner Reveals the ‘Toughest Part’ of Her ESPYs Speech

Though we all praised her for being so courageous during her ESPY Awards speech, Caitlyn Jenner admits she had a lot of fears to conquer going into it.

Caitlyn at the ESPYs
Watch Caitlyn Jenner's touching ESPY Award speech.

Caitlyn – who was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at this year’s show – opened up on WhoSay as a part of her on-going series The Real Me about everything that went into making her nerve-wracking speech.

First and foremost: that dress!

“I really wanted to feel real comfortable up there (although there was a corset under that dress, so I don’t know how comfortable I was!),” she explains. “I wanted to feel good. I wanted to feel pretty. I wanted to be myself.”

So Donatella Versace reached out to her, sent over her head dressmaker, and two fittings later, it’s safe to say Caitlyn simply stunned.

Looks aside, however, there was so much more that the Olympian feared before the show.

“Of course I was nervous about tripping as I walked up the stage,” she admits candidly before getting a little more serious. “Reading my speech off of the teleprompter was a whole other story. As a dyslexic kid, my biggest fear in life was to go in front of the class and read because I just wasn’t very good at it – and that stays with you through your whole life… I practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced to make sure I’d nail it.”

She sure did! But no matter how it turned out, she kept one thing in mind:

“There’s a great line that I heard a long time ago: ‘Success is not measured by heights attained but by obstacles overcome.’ For me to go out in front of a group like that and to do the whole thing off of the teleprompter was huge.”

Still, there was one thing that broke her down and will continue to do so (understandably): “The toughest part in the speech was my kids,” she admits. “It was hard to look over there and see all of my children. As I said in the speech, I don’t want to hurt anybody. I just want to be myself. I barely got through that.”

Her family made sure to show her how much they supported her and, after her speech, met her upstairs for a big celebration.

Caitlyn says it’s a total relief for that moment to be over, but she wants the world to know: “Thank all of you for your support. Getting up there on stage in front of the whole world was no easy feat, but I so appreciate your encouragement and love. We’re changing hearts and minds one at a time.”

No, thank YOU, Caitlyn.