People Are Really Pissed ‘Good Morning America’ Played Taylor Swift During Jake Gyllenhaal’s Interview

There is definitely some bad blood.

Swift's Virginity
Taylor Swift probably lost her virginity to Jake Gyllenhaal.

During Jake Gyllenhaal’s interview this morning on Good Morning America, people noticed some faint music in the background that didn’t settle too well with them.

Yes, the actor’s ex-girlfriend and everyone’s favorite human Taylor Swift was belting out “Bad Blood” as GMA host Robin Roberts introduced his segment.

Though you can barely make out the song, lots of people quickly noticed and weren’t too pleased (we happened to think it was genius):

Burn, indeed, considering the couple dated for a few months in 2010 and several of Swift’s songs have been written after him.

However, a producer for the show promises Gossip Cop the entire thing was a “total coincidence.” No one purposefully played T. Swift to rile up Gyllenhaal.

By the way, do we think he could hear it, too?

Watch the video above!