Famous Lamb Katy Perry Attends Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas Show: See the Photos

Mariah Goes to "Infinity"
Watch her new music video with an 'Empire' surprise.

Katy Perry lived every lamb’s dream on Sunday in a little town called Las Vegas.

The 30-year-old entertainer, who is currently on a break from her Prismatic World Tour, scored a ticket to one of the hottest shows on the strip: Mariah Carey’s #1 to Infinity show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Let’s relive Perry’s evening, shall we?

First there was the routine shot of fan and show poster before the show:

lambily 4lyfe.

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Then, unlike most of her fellow concertgoers, Perry was whisked backstage for a little meet and greet with the Elusive Chanteuse. Here’s the somewhat awkward moment in video form:


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And the finished product, which basically screams pearls, 50 shades of Easter, teeth, cleavage and hair straightener.


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And what about during the show, you ask? A fellow lamb caught Perry doing that thing where the performer walks by and you try to get their attention. Of course, like us, she was doing all this while trying to record the moment.

Carey has three more shows on the schedule before taking a hiatus from Vegas. #1 to Infinity will continue in February 2016.

[h/t MTV]