We Taste Tested Lay’s New Chip Flavors (And Ranked Them By Their Celebrity Counterparts)

Celebrities Eating
Hollywood chows down!

It’s that wonderful time of the year when we can eat chips and call it “exercising our democratic right.”

Lay’s recently announced its finalists for its annual “Do Us a Flavor” competition, the contest in which America gets to vote on fan-submitted flavors that will be added to its already-delicious roster of potato chips. Just as with every year, there has been plenty of debate about which flavor is the best and which is a blasphemous assault on the palette. (We’re looking at you Cappuccino flavor of 2014.)

This year’s competitors are West Coast Truffles Fries, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, New York Reuben, and Greektown Gyro. Much like our current pop culture landscape, there are definite frontrunners and foreseeable losers as well.

Celebuzz taste tested the new flavors and here were our findings — from best to worst.

West Coast Truffle Fries

Chip equivalent of: Taylor Swift

Like the beloved singer, West Coast Truffle Fries is wholesome and created for mass appeal. It’s not a controversial flavor. It sounds appealing from the get-go. Seeing how “potato-ness”— totally a scientific term, by the way — is already included in the initial pitch, it’s almost impossible for this flavor to fail. If you like truffle fries, chances are you’ll like truffle-flavored chips. Much like how most of us would not change the radio station if “Bad Blood” happens to come on, you’d still probably eat these chips if they were placed in front of you at a party — fan or not. The winning title is basically its to lose, so West Coast Truffle Fries should start practicing Swift’s signature “Oh golly! An award? For me?” surprised face.


  • “The safe choice.”
  • “It tastes like a lightly flavored Sour Cream and Onion.”

Southern Biscuits and Gravy

Chip equivalent of: Miley Cyrus

These little puppies basically prove why you shouldn’t judge chips by its bag. Though the thought of a white gravy-flavored chip may be off-putting to some, one really shouldn’t knock it until they’ve tried it. Southern Biscuits and Gravy actually packs quite a punch in flavor. So even though it may not give off the best first impression, it’s got some serious chops — or umami notes — you’d want in a chip.


  • “Oh my God, it actually tastes like sausage gravy!”
  • “A sleeper hit chip.”

New York Reuben

Chip equivalent of: Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars

It sounds risky on paper, but the chips are actually quite decent in flavor. Meaty with a sauerkraut tang and rye bread aftertaste, the chips demonstrate a complexity in flavor profile. However, despite its valiant effort, it’s going up against stronger competitors that will most likely push it out of the running. You appreciate its craft individually, but it’s probably not going to win when pitted against a titan like West Coast Truffle Fries. Maybe next year?


  • “It’s good, but it’s not great.”
  • “I appreciate what it’s trying to do.”

Greektown Gyro

Chip equivalent of: Iggy Azalea

It’s the chip that will eventually let you down. Remember when you were really excited about “Fancy” but then got really turned off by Azalea’s problematic behavior? Yeah, this is the food equivalent of that emotional roller coaster. Sure, Greektown Gyro sounds promising — who doesn’t like tzatziki? — but it will disappoint you once you’ve had it. The gaminess of lamb doesn’t translate well as a snack food. Similar to Azalea, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


  • “It smells like plastic.”


While West Coast Truffle Fries is the safe bet, Southern Biscuits and Gravy is the chip you deserve. Either way, we wouldn’t be mad if either won.

Voting for the “Do Us a Flavor” contest will be opened July 27 to October 18.