WATCH: Chris Evans and His Perfect Beard Make Directorial Debut in ‘Before We Go’

Captain America, his perfect beard, and his shiny trumpet star in a new movie directed by his alter-ego, Chris Evans (his directorial debut, at that).

Before We Go co-stars Alice Eve as a girl down on her luck: stranded, alone and broke in New York city, and slowly it’s becoming one of those hellish nights…that is until Captain America comes to the rescue.

IMDb puts it simply: “A young woman in New York City races to catch the 1:30 Train to Boston. On the way she is robbed.”

But that synopsis leaves out the Before Sunrise-esque mini-romance between two strangers, Evans and Eve, which is evidently the cornerstone of this tender film.

Watch the trailer above and relish in the sweetness of a budding romance.

Before We Go his VOD July 21, and will be in theaters September 4.