Here’s the ‘Casino Royale’ Trailer Reimagined for the 1960s

Daniel Craig to Star in 'Star Wars?'
Universes are colliding, you guys...

“Indestructibly wild… indescribably funny!”

Everyone’s got James Bond fever today thanks to the brand spankin’ new trailer for Spectre, starring Daniel Craig as 007 for the fourth film in a row.

YouTube extraordinaire Steve Ramsden also has Bond fever. As a tribute to Craig’s first time on screen as everybody’s favorite agent, Ramsden has treated the trailer for 2006’s Casino Royale with the sights and sounds from some 50 years ago: the good ‘ol 1960s.

Between the grainy images and the amazing fighting sound effects, this version of Casino Royale is almost as delicious as a Bond-approved martini.

Watch it all go down, above.

[h/t A.V. Club]