Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend, Meek Mill, Calls Out Nicki Minaj’s Close Friend, Drake, For Using Ghostwriters

WATCH: Nicki Licks Meek
The pair brought some serious PDA to the stage.

What the f*** is happening on Twitter right now?

After last night’s VMAs brouhaha — which pitted Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift against one another, and, subsequently, Twitter against Swift and the media — we thought we’d had our fill of social media beef for, like, at least two weeks. But we were wrong.

Cue Minaj’s boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill, taking to Twitter to air some of his own grievances. One grievance in particular. Fakes. And he named names. One name in particular. The name Drake. (Full circle: Drake is well-known to be a close friend of Minaj). Meek’s position? He thinks Drake doesn’t write his own rhymes, and would you please not compare him to that phony? We shall pause now and give you time to go pop some popcorn.

(Literal parenthetical: Like the dorks that they are, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran instigated a fake beef, but it’ so funny we forgot to laugh!)

Here are all of Mill’s Drake-employs-ghostwriters-related tweets for your reading pleasure/repulsion:

“No shad to hov!”

Several hours later, apparently not quite done, he hopped on to share this:

Interspersed among his intense Drake feels are a few digs at Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, Safaree “SB” Samuels:

Drake has yet to respond. Maybe he never will. Maybe no one ever will. Maybe we should all just log off Twitter for a while. Please RT.