#WCW: 8 Times Rachel McAdams Was Flawless On Screen

We agree, Rachel McAdams is like, really pretty.

'Southpaw' Premiere
Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal look hot.

The 36-year-old beauty is the lead female in the highly anticipated film Southpaw – which hits theaters this Friday –  along side Jake Gyllenhaal, and there is no denying that she is Women Crush Wednesday Everyday material.

From playing a high school drama queen in Mean Girls to making us ball our eyes out in The Notebook, taking on a bad ass role in True Detective and giving us the giggles in Wedding Crashers, McAdams has proved time and time again that she has both a wide range of talents and the unusual ability to rock any hair color and still look hot.

Launch the gallery above to see our eight favorite McAdams roles!

So fetch.