9 Times Caitlyn Jenner ‘Got It Right’ as an LGBT Role Model (So Far)

Deep breaths, Caitlyn Jenner — you’re doing just fine.

In the latest clip from her E! docuseries I Am Cait, Jenner expresses doubt in herself as a prominent figure in the LGBT community. She confesses to losing sleep as her mind spins at Olympic speeds, wondering if she is doing her followers justice.

Jenner searches for reassurance,

“Am I going to say the right things? Do I project the right image? I just hope I get it right. I hope I get it right.”

Just as one would count sheep, let us tally 9 Times that Caitlyn Jenner ‘Got It Right’ as an LGBT Role Model (So Far).

9. Her Emergence into the Public Eye via Vanity Fair


Brave was Jenner’s big reveal on the cover of Vanity Fair that unearthed the former Bruce Jenner’s “secrets” and “lies” housed in his identity as a male.

8. Her Ongoing Push Beyond the Media’s Attention on Her Outward Appearance

There’s no way to deny it: Caitlyn Jenner looks good. To prove it, here is one of the many galleries that are circulating around the internet in celebration of her elegant style:

Unfortunately Jenner’s “comparative f-ckability” is one of the inevitable burdens that Jenner acquires as a female figure in modern media as noted by Jon Stewart:

“You see, Caitlyn, when you were a man we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen. Now you’re a woman, and your looks are the only thing we care about … Caitlyn Jenner, congratulations. Welcome to being a woman in America.”

However, she continues to prove that she is more than her Versace gown by showcasing her heart and her brain in…

7. Her Efforts to Self-Educate

Learn from those who have walked the path before you. #TransIsBeautiful #LivingOurTruth #JustTheBeginning

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In the first op-ed on her WhoSay account, Jenner was the first to acknowledge that she has “a lot of catching up to do” in terms of existing issues in the LGBT community. She describes her dinner date with six trans women as a mode of research to understand the concerns of her peers.

“It’s been an eye-opening experience for me—mainly realizing how fortunate I am. I’ve heard every horror story there is in the book. You wouldn’t believe the types of ordeals these people have had, how they have had to literally fight for their own survival.”

6. Her Involvement with LGBT Youth Groups


Jenner gives as much wisdom as she receives to younger fans who are struggling with gender transition. She visited the Los Angeles LGBT Youth Center only a little over a week after her Vanity Fair cover was released. During her two-hour tour, Jenner participated in roundtable discussions with the centers’ clients and spoke with the program manager for their Transgender Economic Empowerment Project that helps transgender job-seekers develop skills to find employment.

5. Her Empowering ESPYS Speech

After receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPYS, Jenner simplified the decision to publicize her journey as a movement towards global acceptance.

ABC US News | World News

“I know what my mission is. To tell my story the right way, for me. To keep learning. To do whatever I can to reshape the landscape of how trans people are viewed, how trans people are treated, and more broadly, to promote a very simple idea: accepting people for who they are.”

4. Her Inevitable Friending of Laverne Cox

The worlds of Jenner and Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black finally collided at a private screening of I Am Cait after months of mutual girl-crushing on each other in the press. Cox affirmed Jenner’s status as an LGBT activist in her interview with Entertainment Weekly, echoing the aforementioned sentiments of Jon Stewart:

Yes, Caitlyn looks amazing and is beautiful but what I think is most beautiful about her is her heart and soul, the ways she has allowed the world into her vulnerabilities … Her courage to move past denial into her truth so publicly. These things are beyond beautiful to me.

3. Her Shoutout from President Obama at Logo’s Trailblazer Honors

Caitlyn at #PRIDE 🌈 party in New York today! #CaitlynJenner

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When the POTUS mentions your efforts, you’re probably headed in the right direction.

He stated in his speech following the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage, “Tonight is a chance to celebrate, not just 10 years of Logo, but 10 years of extraordinary progress for our country … All you have to do is look at this month’s cover of Vanity Fair to see how America is more accepting of people for who they truly are.”

2. Her Many Instances of Resilience from Celebrity Criticism

…Like when Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg posted this Instagram apology after insulting Jenner’s decision to [sic] “trade 2 balls for 2 boobs” over American soldiers’ bravery to trade “2 legs for freedom”.


1. That Time Siri Had Her Back

Oh right. And then there was this glorious display of technology when Siri autocorrected iPhone users who referred to Caitlyn Jenner as “Bruce”.


So Caitlyn, flip your pillow to the cooler side and settle in for a good night’s rest knowing that the President, a robot, and a prison inmate all agree that you are on the right track.