David Beckham Honors Victoria Beckham With New Tattoo

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He’s already won us over as Father of the Year, and now David Beckham could be up for Hubby of the Year in our hearts, too!

The former soccer stud got a new tattoo honoring his wife Victoria Beckham, and it’s hot and sexy and adorable all at the same time.

He took to Instagram to show off the new ink:

“99 was a good year for me…” David wrote, leaving us on our own to connect the dots.

Of course we immediately put two-and-two together that 1999 was, indeed, a great year for him: he married Posh Spice, Brooklyn Beckham was born, and he helped Manchester United bring home the glory.

But he wouldn’t just get any ol’ tattoo without it having meaning, of course! Pretty much all of his ink serves a purpose – he even tattooed “Harper” on his chest after his daughter was born! Precious.

Launch the gallery above to see more photos of the tatted up DILF.