Kim Kardashian’s Campaign for Hype Energy Is Just Bizarre

Kim Kardashian Hypes Hype
Kim Kardashian busts out at Hype Energy Drink launch.
Kim Kardashian Channels Audrey Hepburn
See her Parisian-inspired shoot for Hype Energy Drink.

We have so many questions about Kim Kardashian’s latest endorsement deal.

Never-before-seen photos from the reality star’s campaign for Hype Energy Drink have hit the web. While the shoot is not as weird as the one that featured Kardashian climbing on top of a pile of literal dirt, the way they’ve chosen to style the 34-year-old in these ads is just… something.

In several frames, the mom-of-one is seen rocking cornrows while posing in a cleavage-baring, futuristic-inspired leotard. (Hey, one pose even has her crouching in a fetal position!) In another series of photos, Kardashian channels her inner Audrey Hepburn as she rides around and falls — yes, falls — on her bike.

There’s also one shot of Kardashian doing her best Marie Antoinette impression as she lounges around in full French aristocratic regalia.

If you dare, click through the gallery above to see the full spread.