WATCH: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion Devours 12 Pints of Ice Cream in 35 Minutes

Holy brain freeze, Batman.

How do you top winning the coveted Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest? By eating 12 pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (assorted flavors) as fast as you can.

That’s exactly what 23-year-old Matt Stonie recently did, just weeks after dethroning Joey Chestnut at the annual July 4th hot dog eating extravaganza.

In a new YouTube video, Stonie takes on the 12-pint challenge and basically makes battling brain freeze look like a piece of cake.

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, watch Stonie meet your worst nightmare: 13,400 calories (and 780 grams of fat).

Kids, don’t try this at home. (Unless you already have that competitive eating thing going for you).

[h/t Time; Bleacher Report]