Friday Flashback: 27 Photos of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Evolution Through the Years

Friday marks a big day in the career history of Jake Gyllenhaal. His latest movie, Southpaw, finally hits theaters.

'Southpaw' Premiere
Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams are knockouts!

This may not seem extraordinary considering the 34-year-old’s long list of movie roles, but this one is a bit different – we’re about to see him like we’ve never seen him before.

For starters, Gyllenhaal completely transformed his body to play boxer Billy Hope, getting insanely ripped – mind you, less than a year after coming off his role in Nightcrawler during which he was forced to lose a ton of weight. Not to mention, the actor actually got into the ring himself – no stunt doubles, no nothing – and learned how to box. His co-star Rachel McAdams couldn’t help but become awe-inspired by his transformation – not only physically, but also emotionally

But before he became this badass fighting machine, Gyllenhaal has come down a long, long road. Starting off in the industry at a mere 10-years-old and taking on his first leading role as a hot nerd in October Sky at 19, Gyllenhaal has nearly 25 years leading up to this moment. He’s solidified his uber hotness playing a gay man in Brokeback Mountain and shown us he can transform into character as the lead in Nightcrawler.

So in honor of his latest big-time role, we’re celebrating him by taking a look back at his evolution over the years.

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