Lea Michele Embraces Female Empowerment with #ActuallySheCan Campaign

Scream Queens star Lea Michele is all about helping other people “live a happy and healthy lifestyle.”

Which is why she has teamed up with the pharmaceutical company Allergan to help launch the #ActuallySheCan campaign.

The actress is sharing her own female empowerment goals including “be your own boss” and “you shine, I shine” on social media and encouraging millennials to do the same. By embracing the hashtag and expressing their ambitions and truths women will perpetuate a larger conversation around female achievement and well-being.

Lea Michele Embraces Female Empowerment with #ActuallySheCan

“I attribute my personal and professional successes to not only my self- reliance and determination, but to the inspiration, education and support I received from others who helped me stay true to myself and my goals,” Lea Michele states. “I am sharing my #ActuallySheCan story so I can help motivate and encourage all women to share their individual journeys and goals, so we can collectively help each other reach milestones. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a woman leave her mark.”

#ActuallySheCan is additionally supported by iJustine and Lo Bosworth as well as women’s health activists, to support a platform that educates, celebrates and motivates young women in an authentic way to reach their full potential.

Lea Michele Embraces Female Empowerment with #ActuallySheCan

Millennials are encouraged to join the #ActuallySheCan movement and share their goals on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. By visiting www.actuallyshecan.com, millennial women can join and gather more information on this exciting new campaign. They can also participate via social media by following @ActuallySheCan and using the hashtag #ActuallySheCan.

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