WATCH: Amy Schumer and Bill Hader Snort Fake Drugs in Bizarre Interview

The Illuminati? Amy Schumer and Bill Hader have no idea what you’re talking about. 

While the duo were promoting Trainwreck in Australia, they chatted with Australian YouTube stars Dom and Adrian, aka the Bondi Hipsters.

During the super weird interview, the pair were asked about their links with the Illuminati. The co-stars hilariously played along, pretending to be angry about the queries.

The comedians were obviously in on the joke, however, what really put the pair “over the edge” came after Schumer was asked:

When you threw yourself at Kanye West’s feet was that to pledge allegiance to Jay Z and Queen Bey, so when the polar ice caps melt they let you on their secret Illuminati train to Antarctica?

Schumer and Hader rose up in anger, knocking over the coffee table and storming out of the room. The group then came together again and transformed into party mode where they cut and snorted fake drugs.

Watch the super weird interview above.