Caitlyn Jenner Joins Boy George on Stage, Gets Standing Ovation

New 'I Am Cait' Clip
See Kylie Jenner meeting Caitlyn Jenner for the first time.

The crowd just loves Caitlyn Jenner.

She made an unexpected appearance Friday night (July 24, 2015) when she surprised concertgoers in the middle of a Boy George concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

The ESPYS winner took to the stage before Culture Club’s performance to introduce the band to their fans. She received a standing ovation from the audience before saying a few words:

Thank you very much! Thank you! Caitlyn Jenner in the house for her first Boy George concert! This is going to be a good group. Thank you so much. Enough about me. Thank you for being here tonight This is so much fun for me and let’s hear it here at the Greek Theatre for Boy George!

The I Am Cait star wore a tight-fitting dress and black leather jacket. Boy George thanked Jenner for her intro before performing “It’s a Miracle” with the band.

I expected a standing ovation for her and I wasn’t disappointed. We need to celebrate the kinds of changes that are happening.

Jenner later danced the night away with her friend and transgender actress Candis Cayne. The two have been spending a lot of time together lately, but according to a source who spoke with Us Weekly, “Candis is currently single but is only interested in men, and Caitlyn is a woman.”