Let ‘Orange is the New Black’ Heartthrob Ruby Rose Define Your Sunday Goals

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Ruby Rose is living her best life and you should probably be taking notes.

See, an Orange is the New Black heartthrob rebounds from witnessing a gunman being arrested in her neighbor’s backyard by having a most incredibly chill weekend.

First, Rose took this casual selfie with world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather during a practice session at his Las Vegas gym.

@floydmayweather the champ!

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Then, she and her squad pulled off Gretchen Weiners’ “you can’t sit with us” vibe, barring fiancée Phoebe Dahl‘s adorable character break as expertly shaded on the left.

So we are all really sweet nice people I swear.

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The crew then took it outside to show off their impressive scooter moves,

@kateomoennig @faircloth_supply

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Followed by a pick-up soccer game that provided a gentle reminder to not mess with a Lichtfield inmate when the competition is on.

When I play for @bsunitedsoccer .. She gets scary

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Finally, the actress nailed a round of Heads Up! with an accurate reptilian impersonation.

From @shots when you being a lizard but apparently Geicos marketing so good you forget what a lizard is.

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Go on, Ruby. Get down with your bad self and show us just how the weekend should be done.



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