Taylor Swift’s Crew Pumps “Bad Blood” for the 2015 Video Music Awards

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift End Feud, Share the Last Laugh
"Hey, we cool?" "I guess" "I'm Taylor Swift." "O rite, lol. We're good."

As if it needed saving.

Even after a week of kinda-feuding with fellow VMA nominee Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift is still pretty stoked about her big nod from MTV.


Her self-promotion to voters has been minimal because A.) She’s Taylor Swift, and B.) Because her famous crew of crime-fighting females have banded together to boost ‘Bad Blood’ to Video of the Year status on their own.

First was Slay-Z, Gigi Hadid,



Followed by Swift’s favorite actress Ellen Pompeo, who was seemingly overcome with the competitive spirit. 




Cindy Crawford and Selena Gomez Tweeted their battle cries, followed by an icy GIF from Frostbyte, Lily Aldridge.

All three of Hailee Steinfeld’s super selves showed up to carry their fearless leader to victory.


And finally, Serayah shut the entire game down with this kind ultimatum.


As for Minaj? Well, this video from The Pinkprint Tour’s stop in New Jersey might be the only promotion that she will ever need.


Swift was nominated for a whopping total of nine MTV Video Music Awards — the highest tally out of all of the artists. Fans can cast their votes on MTV’s website in an online poll posted here. The 2015 MTV VMA’s will be hosted by the twerktastic Miss Miley Cyrus on August 30.

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