Caitlyn Jenner Addresses LGBT Suicide in a New Post, ‘One Tremendous Problem’

Caitlyn Jenner penned a new article titled “One Tremendous Problem” on her WhoSay account that addresses LGBT youth suicide rates and shares the story of a very touching case.

Kyler Prescott is 14-year-old transgender boy who was featured on the premiere of I Am CaitHe is one of the 51 percent of trans youth who contemplated suicide and one of the 30 percent who attempted it, unfortunately leading to his death.

Jenner had the fortune of meeting with Kyler’s mother, Katharine Prescott, who she describes as “absolutely amazing”.

She loved and supported her trans child in so many ways, including getting Kyler’s name and gender marker legally changed.

Katharine received his updated birth certificate in the mail two days after Kyler committed suicide.

CREDIT: via Caitlyn Jenner on WhoSay

via Caitlyn Jenner on WhoSay

Jenner passes the editorial torch to Kyler’s mother to share her side of the story who was immediately impressed by Jenner’s sincerity as an LGBT activist. “I could see right away that her desire to help further transgender equality in society is authentic,” she says. “She is delightful.”

Though the preconception of teen transgender bullying is dominated by the image of teasing from peers, Kyler was a rather popular student whose source of ridicule came from adults. “He had already had his name and gender changed legally, yet there were adults who were very disrespectful of his gender identity,” she explains, noting that they would use female pronouns despite his identity as a male.

CREDIT: via Caitlyn Jenner on WhoSay

via Caitlyn Jenner on WhoSay

Katharine tells parents of transgender children to support them unconditionally. “Just keep fighting for them,” she pleads.

“Never give up. Be firm with people and help educate them. Even something as simple as using the pronoun that the trans kid asks you to use is so important and can make such a big difference in that kid’s life.”

She expresses hope in Jenner’s message and the growing awareness in society to save the lives of others like Kyler who are painfully misunderstood.

“The wonderful thing is that people like Caitlyn are starting to spread the word. This isn’t just a passing thing. This is forever,” she states. “We need to help every transgender person be their authentic self. Nobody should be denied that.”

CREDIT: via Caitlyn Jenner on WhoSay

via Caitlyn Jenner on WhoSay

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