Calvin Harris’ Abs Are On Display in Fall/Winter Emporio Armani Campaign

Calvin Harris’ latest campaign for Emporio Armani has us swooning. He may be currently dating Taylor Swift, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start lining up for when they might split, right?

The Scottish DJ turned part-time model stripped down to his briefs in his latest campaign, so let us take a moment to thank the underwear gods for bestowing upon us this perfect specimen of a man.

Harris tweeted his shirtless ad campaign photo:

Just wow. Not only is he the world’s highest paid DJ, but he’s got looks that kill.

Armani also tweeted some new images from his new campaign:

Giorgio Armani has said that Calvin “is a truly cosmopolitan, dynamic young man who is capable of attracting the masses with his music and energy. He isn’t a model by nature, and this creates a more sincere and engaging bond with the public.” 

Yes, we’re all for public bonds and anything that gets him shirtless. Harris previously modeled for the iconic Italian fashion house earlier this year (his first stint with the brand). 

Check out the gallery for all of Harris’ beautiful campaign photos, featuring his exquisite face and abs.